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web optWell I just spent the last 6 hours doing what I can to optimize my Vapor Cloud Reviews website. I’ve implemented Page, Database, and Browser caching. I’ve minified most css & javascipts. I’ve implemented cache pre-load, and changed WordPress’s cron job to be server based. I’ve run smushit on all images. I looked into setting up a static CDN (Content Delivery Network) for images, css, and scripts, but it is just too much work right now. I’ve been testing, and it all looks good to me, but please, if you notice any weirdness, or outright problems, contact me via email or this form.

Thanks, and hopefully you’ll hear from me again soon,
Rick, your ever faithful VapeAdmin

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A Mac & PC guy who is continuously falling down the rabbit hole, while vaping with the Caterpillar & Mad Hatter.

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