My First Coil Build

So I picked up an Immortalizer RDA on the cheap. Had it for a while, never used it. It came with a coil & wick pre-installed, but when I tried it on my eVic last night, up came the message “Atomizer Short.” I tried nudging the coils around, but no joy there. I saw my friend do it once, watched a ton of YouTube how-to videos, had a small amount of wire, had to raid my wife’s bathroom cabinet for cotton, but I decided to try building one myself. Took 3 attempts, but Continue reading


Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Dripping 5

What is Dripping? You may have seen the term ‘dripping,’ or alternatively ‘Drirect Dripping’ or ‘Dry Smoking,’ used on countless numbers of sites devoted to vaping and e-cigs, including Vapor Cloud Reviews. Well, it is still vaping regular e-Juice, but instead of filling up a cart, carto, or clearo, you instead ‘drip’ a few drops [continue reading…]