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Dangling Analog Cigarette

I started smoking 40 years ago, and was a pack a day smoker for 35 of those years. About twenty years ago I did manage to stop for a little over a year, just going cold turkey, but for every single day of that time I desperately craved a cigarette. Every single hour that I was awake, I craved an analog. It was a pure contest of will and I hated it, hated what my life had become. I gained over eighty pounds. I’m not a big drinker, but one night I got totally wasted. Woke up the next morning with half a pack of cigs left, and stayed smoking. I don’t remember buying them, but I do remember it was the night Rock Hudson came out. It was all the talk at the bar I was in.

Logic e-Cig

Over the next few years I tried various ways of quitting my analogs, patches, gum, hypnosis, group therapy, drugs like Chantix and Zyban, and all to no avail. The craving was always there. When I first heard about e-cigs four years or so ago, I thought great, a techie way to quit, this is just what I need. So I went out and bought a Logic brand disposable e-cigarette, thought it might be the cure at first but I soon became disillusioned. It just didn’t work for me. Battery life sucked, and it cost almost as much as analogs. They sold a variety of flavors, but I didn’t find any I enjoyed. The nicotine, or throat hit, wasn’t there, and the vapor production was horrible. I didn’t know until that moment, but the act of blowing out huge clouds of smoke was part of my attraction to analogs.

Flash forward a couple of years and I noticed a whole new slew of disposables appearing on the market, so I gave many of them a try. Some were better than others, but none stopped my craving for a real cigarette. I upgraded to a rechargeable 510 e-cig with refillable tanks from a major company, and although the battery life was better, the cost lower, other things like nicotine delivery and vapor production still didn’t cut it. Back to the analogs.

Vapor Shark Storefront

Flash forward again to 6 months ago. While visiting my folks in Miami I saw my first dedicated brick and mortar vaping store, the Vapor Shark. I thought, what the hell, lets give it a try again, and I’m so glad I did. Didn’t know it at the time, but what I bought was a rebranded 900 mAh eGo battery and a Vivi Nova clearomizer. Finally excellent vapor production and a good nicotine hit. The thought of quitting analogs became feasible. The e-Juices I got from them didn’t really cut it for me, however by this point I had a colleague at work who was an avid vaper and he turned me on to some really good juice vendors, primarily Indigo Vapor and Good Life Vapor. Thank God for Kick Back. Taste-wise it came damn close to my regular analog. I could finally kick back, and kick the habit. Since then I’ve branched my daily rotation out to High Five, Uncle Cutty, Deadly Sin, The Good Sh*t, and the first non-tobacco fruit e-liquid I love, Corrosion. Based on other’s reviews I’m currently steeping Boba’s Bounty, Snake Oil, Jango, & The Duchess. I’m looking forward to vaping, and reviewing them.

Hardware-wise I’ve also expanded to try other batteries, carts, & clearos. My current favorite flips between an eGo 1100 mAh battery with a LR dripping atomizer & knuckle head rotating drip tip, and my new eGo-v V3 Mega with the Aspire Nautilus topping it off.

Analog Replacements: Batteries, Tanks, & Clearos, Oh My!

My most used vaping hardware

Keep Calm & Vape On

I am very happy with vaping now. One weekend four or five months ago, when I was vaping but still having the occasional analog, I realized the real cigarette wasn’t doing it for me anymore. My e-Juice flavors were better, and my mouth did not dry out nearly as much as with burning tobacco. That sealed the deal.

Which brings me to the title of this meandering story, there is still one thing I miss from my old analogs, having a cigarette dangling from my lips as I program, play a video game, or drive. My current rigs are just to long, to heavy, to do that. Of course I don’t miss it enough to go back, but still…

My current thinking is to buy a small 350 mAh eGo along with a small, light, mini clearo, preferability a BDC type, and a flat style plastic or gel drip tip. Will this work for dangling? Does anyone have a suggestion for a mini clearomizer? Or any other setup? If so, please tell me in the comments. Thanks fellow vapers.

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  • Sam

    You can buy a cig a like with disposable cartriges. They are easy to fill and refill with your own liquid, all you need is a paperclip!!

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  • Zaxtrax

    I’ve got a Tesla nano 4500mah and a Hercules plus. Great in everyway if I have the right juice. I mix it high vg with 6mg nico. Borrowed a mates rda and I’ve been dripping at night. Still smoke a few Analogs during the day but also feel like they not right but can’t seem to kick them..yet. its hard in a social sence being around real smokers but I think I will get there. It’s been way better for my health. Just have to make the final plunge

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