You Know You’re a Vaper When…

You Know you're a vaper when OMG means zero nicotine

You know you’re a Vaper when…

  1. You need to wave away the vapor cloud to see the image above.
  2. You have more drip tips, than things to put them on.
  3. In the middle of the night, you pick up matches to light up your eGo.
  4. You plan hardware purchases over the next several paychecks.
  5. You buy juice more than a month in advance of needing it, just to let it steep.
  6. You have more Vaping Vendors as friends on Facebook than actual people.
  7. Your first reaction is to vape some ‘Cinnamon Bun’ e-Juice rather than eat one.
  8. You buy an e-Cig lanyard or holster, and wear it in public.
  9. You buy a ‘Vape Bag’ to carry all your daily vaping paraphernalia around in the summer.
  10. You notice, or are told, you are a ‘Vaping Evangelist’.
  11. You keep your favorite vaping equipment on the nightstand, for that morning vape.
  12. You feel absolutely comfortable vaping in public, and feel sorry for those puffing analogues around you.
  13. You finally care about Ohm’s Law.
  14. Your hardware is on display as a ‘Collection’.
  15. This is the sixth “You Know You Are A Vaper when…” blog post you’ve read this year.


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