Mega 510 Pyrex Glass Drip Tip by Smoktech

Smoktech Mega Pyrex Drip Tips

Smoktech Mega Pyrex Drip Tips

So last Friday I received hand delivered vapeMail from Origin Vape, a nice B&M vape shop on the upper west side of Manhattan. The item I wanted most in this shipment was Smoktech’s new Mega 510 Pyrex Glass Drip Tip. This is one very cool drip tip. It is a well built, hefty piece of hardware. The base is stainless steel, has a single o-ring, and fit tightly on both the IGO-L and Protank 3 I tried it on.

Top View Mega 510 Glass Drip Tip

The pyrex glass top piece is a pleasure to put in your mouth. It is so smooth and cool on the lips, one of the most comfortable drip tips I’ve ever used. I am now totally converted to glass drip tips. And the Mega 510 Pyrex Drip Tip’s glass is very thick, I’m thinking it will even survive a moderate fall, very unlike a glass drip tip I once ordered from Fasttech, which was paper thin and loose on every tank I tried. The Mega’s look is fantastic and really classes up my RDAs and tanks. I was vaping heavily on my RDA last night, and the pyrex works wonderfully as an insulator, it really kept the mouthpiece from warming up. The wide bore makes it easy to clean.

Origin_VapeA quick shout out to Origin Vape, They opened a vape store in NYC in 2013 and have quickly been making a name for themselves. They offer same day delivery to a large radius around their upper west side location, including parts of NJ, Queens, the Bronx, all of Brooklyn, and the north end of Staten Island. They have a nice selection of Mods, RBAs, RDAs, tanks, and e-Liquids from vendors like Virgin Vapor and OMG Flavors. The same day delivery was important to me as just a couple of days prior I lost my vape carry case on a bus. Luckily I had no mods in it, but I lost a good dozen nice drip tips, leaving me with the inconvenience of sharing my one remaining tip amongst my multiple tanks & RDAs. They were short on delivery men that day, so the owner of the shop himself hand delivered them to me. He really saved my weekend. Thanks Eric.

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