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Cigreen's Explorer


Our friends at Origin Vape sent us over this niffy RDA to review called the Explorer. This is the first time any vendor has sent us a product to review, and as stated in our Disclaimers page, we will never let that skew our reviews in any way. It is very important here at VCR that our reviews are honest and unbiased. I need to state that very clearly because as it happens, I really like this rebuildable dripping atomizer.

First things first, this RDA is made in China, however it is not a clone. The manufacture, CiGreen, took various existing ideas (think TOBH & Gaia RDAs) and came up with their own product, something I wish more Chinese manufacturers would do. Now for some of the hard facts:

  • Polished Stainless Steel body
  • 1/2″ drip well
  • Stainless steel posts and 510 contact pin
  • The bottom pin is not spring loaded
  • Triple posts with wire holes
  • 2 adjustable air holes (cyclops-style)
  • Removable 510 heatsink drip tip
  • Comes with two pre-built 26 gauge Kanthal coils, a spare O-ring, and a small Phillips screwdriver
  • Height without drip tip: 35mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Weight: 33 g

Explorer's Deck

Explorer Deck

So, what do I like so much about the explorer? Let me count the ways:

  1. That 1/2 inch drip well. Man can this sucker hold a lot of juice. I read on one site you could put 40 to 50 drops in, maybe with a needle drop bottle. With my glass droppers I’ve been putting in about 30 drops. You can vape quite a while on that.
  2. Adjustable airflow. Just turn the top cap to open or close the holes as much as you want, from really tight to full blown open.
  3. 22mm. Fits perfectly on my Stingray and my eVic Supreme.
  4. Large top cap. Great for vapor prduction without being to large and sacrificing flavor.
  5. The three post design has wire holes large enough to fit two strands of 26 gauge wire, might fit more but I haven’t tried. The outer negative posts are fixed to the body of the device to prevent the posts from twisting and turning. There is ample spacing between the negative posts and the center positive post, giving you room to build just about any coil design.
  6. The first RDA/RBA that came with halfway decent pre-built coils. With both coils installed it came out to 1.1 ohms. Although OK, I quickly replaced them with my own dual micro coils totaling 0.35 ohms.
  7. Both the top cap and the supplied drip tip are machined with cooling fins that are suppose to help dissipated the heat that builds up in the RDA. Plus it gives this dripper a really nice modern look.
  8. Double O-rings on the bottom which give a nice tight fit. In fact it was so tight I initially had problems putting the top cap back on and rotating the cap to adjust the air flow, however the O-rings broke in fairly quickly and that no longer was an issue.
  9. SS construction. This RDA has some heft and seems fairly indestructible. 510 threading is very smooth
CiGreen's Explorer RDA Disassembled

Explorer RDA Disassembled

The only cons I could come up with (and I had to come up with something) is:

  1. The placement of the two raised tabs (which are used in adjusting the air flow) are directly across the wire holes on the positive post. Not a major problem, but when inserting the positive leg, you need to raise the protruding wire to clear the tab. It helps to shorten the legs to the diameter of the Explorer before attempting coil placement.
  2. Unless you pack the lower well with wick (which I don’t), the excess e-juice will form a pool in the deep well, which is great unless you tip over the Explorer causing hot juice to flow out the air holes. Not a deal breaker, just keep your mod vertical until you’ve vaped a bit away (or just pack it with wick).

I’ve been dripping on the Explorer for 2 1/2 weeks now and am really loving it. I can fill her up and take the dogs out for a quick walk without needing to bring a juice bottle, or resort to a clearo. Flavor and vapor production is excellent. Once the O-rings broke in I’ve had zero problems with this RDA. What follows is a gallery of my own pictures of the Explorer. Thank you Eric and Origin Vape for letting me try this beauty out.

Explorer Top View
Explorer Side View
Explorer Mixed View
Explore Coils Placed

Explorer Firing Coils
Explorer Wicked
Explorer Ohm Reading
Explorer Barefoot Logo

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