Aspire Nautilus

Aspire Nautilus BDC Adjustable Airflow

Aspire Nautilus
BDC Adjustable Airflow

The Aspire Nautilus (AN) is a BDC Clearomizer with a ring to adjust the incoming airflow. First let’s get to the size, no doubt about it, this is a large clearo. Rated & graduated for 5 ml of e-Juice, you can easily get in another 0.5 ml. The bottom hardware which includes the air flow adjuster adds another 1/4 inch over most other tanks. The AN has a 22 mm glass tube, so it is wider than any clearomizer I owned before. The looks are unique, it is quite interesting sitting on an eGo battery, top heavy, but it reminded me of a sonic screwdriver. It took a while to get with the ascetics, but it has grown on me. Kinda looks retro, would fit well on a steampunk mod.

Price wise it is on the higher range of clearos, I got mine at for around $31 using a Valentine’s Day 10% off coupon. Packaging presentation was nice, in the box comes an assembled tank, pre-installed with a 1.6 ohm atomizer, spare 1.8 ohm atty, 22 mm eGo threaded transition cone, drip tip, and a manual. The AN feels sturdy with a good build quality. The glass pyrex tube seems extra thick, very heavy-duty.nautilusExplode The top of the tube has internal threads to attach to the upper hardware, while the bottom of the tank fits into the bottom piece on a thick gel gasket. the atomizer is an integral part of the support, it screws into the bottom hardware, then using threads on the top of the atty, screws into the chimney itself, holding the complete unit together. This tank hold 5 ml of e-liquid, so it can last a while. It has level markings on the side, but in one orientation only; As this is a bottom loading tank, have the graduations listed in both directions would have been nice. The complete bottom hardware screws off for filling, so there is ample room between the tank wall and center chimney to make filling easy. The included stainless steel drip tip seems to be larger than most, although my other tips fit into the AN, they seamed a bit loose. Another con is that replacement atomizers cost a bit more, and are currently hard to find, but that will change.

Important   The Nautilus atomizers are not interchangeable with previous Aspire atomizers. Also it took one or two tank fills before fully breaking in and producing the best flavor.

Although the atty’s internals & performance are similar to previous Aspire attys, The externals are very different as it has threads on both ends and is integral to securing the tank shut. The coils are placed cross-wide and utilize a hybrid polly-fill/wick system that works great.

Air Intake Hole

Air Intake Hole

The Nautilus’s main selling point is of course the adjustable air flow system. A small band on the lower hardware rotates to expose one of four air intake holes. They are, 0.9, 1.1, 1.4, and 1.8 mm in diameter. The ring nicely clicks into place at each hole. Although each setting makes a significant difference is the airiness, vapor production, and pull resistance of each puff, it also has other affects. The smaller the diameter, the warmer the vapor is, and also the greater the vacuum created inside the tank, which affects the pull of juice onto the coils. Using a smaller intake hole can be useful with a very thick e-Liquid to make sure the wicking action keeps up with chain vaping.

Over all I find this to be an excellent clearo. Being able to adjust the intake airflow to suite various e-Juices is fantastic. On a 50/50 or 70/30 PG/VG mixture I find I’m mostly using the 1.1 & 1.4 mm holes. In three days of use I’ve experienced no leaking or gurgling, or any problems at all. If you want to try adjustable air flow, want a tank that holds a lot of e-liquid for an all day enjoyment, or just want to try something new, then I highly recommend the Aspire Nautilus.

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