Equipment for the Advanced Beginner

eVic Supreme Screen

eVic Supreme

If you are looking to move up to a more advanced vaping level, say from a standard eGo battery, here is what I would recommend at this moment in time May 4th 2014:


As a beginner, for now stick to regulated devices like the ones below. Mechanical mods can be exciting, but being that the batteries are unregulated in their power output, they can also be dangerous. If abused they can vent or even explode. Not something you want to experience. Leave Mech Mods for when you fully advance to the next level in your vaping expertise.

  • High-end: eVic Supreme . A $160 US DNA30 like device, 2100mah 30amp 30Watt/6volt max VV/VW Stainless Steel APV with a large informative screen. Can optionally be connected to your computer to make various adjustments and record your vaping history. Review coming soon.
  • Budget: eGo-v V3 Mega, a $30 US 1300mah VV/VW eGo style battery with USB pass-through.


  • eVic Supreme comes with a Sony VTC4 2100mah 30 Amp Battery. Battery is removable, if you want a backup, buy the same or get the Sony VTC5 2600mah 30 Amp Battery for a little more vaping time. It is important to get a battery rated for at least 30amps
  • None needed for the eGo-v V3 as it is permanently sealed inside.


  • If you like tanks, then the Aspire Nautilus, a 5ml capacity dual bottom coil clearomizer with adjustable air control is the way to go.
  • If you want to get into dripping an IGO-W5 is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer capable of single & dual coil builds good for beginners. See more about dripping HERE.


  • None needed as both mods will charge via USB. If you do want to charge the eVic Supreme’s battery, or backup battery separately a NiteCore IntelliCharger i2 is good.

E-liquid to start with

Depends on what you like:

You can read my e-Juice reviews: HERE.


  • If you went with the Aspire Nautilus Tank you’ll need replacement coil heads
  • For the IGO dripper you’ll need Kanthal A1 Wire and Sterile Cotton Balls. You can find them on Amazon

eVic Supreme

eVic Supreme

eGo-v V3

eGo-v V3

Aspire Nautilus      on an eGo

Aspire Nautilus
on an eGo

     IGO-W5 Disassembled


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