Amazing Mango by OMG Flavors

I’ve tried multiple mango e-Juices, but Amazing Mango from OMG Flavors comes the closest to eating a fresh ripe mango right off the tree. This juices’ smell is nothing short of amazing and the taste is absolutely buzzing with vibrant mango-ness. It’s a truly great fruit ADV but I particularly enjoy it while dripping at [continue reading…]

Amazing Mango by OMG Flavors

Dark Roast Turkish Coffee

Organic Dark Roast Turkish Coffee by Virgin Vapor

Another little gem I received via hand delivered vape mail from Origin Vape was an e-Juice by Virgin Vapor called Organic Dark Roast Turkish Coffee. I’ve tried a few coffee flavored e-Juices, and have not been thrilled by any of them, until now. Vaping this juice brought back memories of my trip to Tangier in [continue reading…]

RedRum by Captivape

I have to say Captivape‘s RedRum was not what I was expecting. Given the name, the description, I expected a strong rum flavor, but I could not taste it. That’s neither bad or good, just is. If I was scoring on description accuracy, RedRum would get a 1 out of 5 in that category, but [continue reading…]

RedRum by Captivape

Temple Logo by Potion Vape

Temple by Potion Vape

Potion Vape‘s Temple is a mighty fine e-Juice. Potion Vape itself is a fairly new e-liquid vendor getting a good reputation. All their juices come in two lines, OrganaTine which is 100% VG only, and BasicPotion which uses a 50/50 VG to PG ratio. Both lines also use only organic and/or natural flavors, in fact [continue reading…]

Jango by Seduce Juice

Seduce Juice describes their e-Juice Jango succinctly, in fact one of the shortest descriptions I’ve seen any vendor use: An ultra-complex tobacco flavor blend. And Jango does seem extremely complex. The primary flavor I taste is a classic RY2 or RY3. Layered on that are many other flavors, graham cracker, honey, dark cocoa, a creamy [continue reading…]

Jango by Seduce Juice

GLV's Corrosion

Corrosion by Good Life Vapor

Corrosion is a very refreshing sweet & sour citrus blend by Good Life Vapor, a company known for it’s quality e-Juices. I find it to be a very clean vape, with a not at all candy-like orange as the main flavor with some tart lime thrown in to balance it out. On the exhale I [continue reading…]

Cherry by Panda eCigs

My first cherry, ah… e-Juice, I like Panda eCigs‘ offering. I received it in a trade, and am glad I did. It smells just like cherries, and has this dark cherry taste, almost liqueur like, but without any alcohol sensation. Very mellow, not candy like at all, and only slightly sweet. If I have any [continue reading…]

Cherry Panda eCig e-Juice


Biscotti by NicQuid

NicQuid’s Biscotti e-Juice is very enjoyable, and the smell is really amazing. First thing you think of is almond biscotti. Taste-wise you definitely get biscotti. I taste the vanilla, the toasted almonds, and there must me something added that turns this into biscotti, but I don’t know what; A smidgen of anise maybe? Amaretto? Don’t [continue reading…]

Deadly Sin by Good Life Vapor

Good Life Vapor’s Deadly Sin is aptly named. I felt almost decadent vaping this e-Liquid all last night. The flavors are very complex, a creamy vanilla, sweet toasted rice/oats, light marshmallow, a hit of cocoa, and running all behind it a sublime smooth pipe tobacco. Other’s, including GLV, have described it as a Rice Crispy, [continue reading…]



Captain Ron by Indigo Vapor

I expected to enjoy Captain Ron by Indigo Vapor more than I did. Indigo is known for their tobacco juices and I’ve already enjoyed Kick Back, and Uncle Cutty very much. Captain Ron just doesn’t do it for me, and I know I’m going against what most other reviewers have said about this e-Juice. I [continue reading…]