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RedRum by CaptivapeI have to say Captivape‘s RedRum was not what I was expecting. Given the name, the description, I expected a strong rum flavor, but I could not taste it. That’s neither bad or good, just is. If I was scoring on description accuracy, RedRum would get a 1 out of 5 in that category, but I don’t (although maybe I should start). What I do get is pleasant though, creamy strawberry on the inhale and pineapple with a subtle coconut on the exhale. It was good straight from the mailbox but steeping it for a few weeks really brought out the cream and strawberry, and just a hint of butter, which was also accented by vaping at a higher wattage. I was so surprised at the lack of rum flavor, thinking maybe it was just my taste buds, that I asked my wife Phaedra to give it a try. I didn’t tell her the name of the e-Juice, just asked her to vape it a bit. Phaedra described it as a creamy strawberry pina colada. Again, no mention of any rum or liquor like aspect. She too was surprised when I told her it’s name was RedRum and Captivape’s description of it.

RedRum is a decent enough e-liquid. On one hand I’m disappointed as I bought it specifically because I wanted to try a rum flavored juice, on the other hand it’s still nicely flavored. I probably won’t be buying more, but I also won’t be giving it away like I do with juices I do not care for. I will keep it for that occasional vape when I want to have something other than my standard fruity e-Juices. Please, anybody reading this who has tried RedRum, let me know if you taste the rainbow rum.

From Captivape’s website:

Feeling stressed out lately? Maybe even losing your mind a bit? Why not relax with this ax-smashingly refreshing vape. We blended a delicious mix of sweet buttery rum with pineapples, coconut, strawberries with a hint of cream. Red rum…red rum…

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