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Deadly Sin ImageGood Life Vapor’s Deadly Sin is aptly named. I felt almost decadent vaping this e-Liquid all last night. The flavors are very complex, a creamy vanilla, sweet toasted rice/oats, light marshmallow, a hit of cocoa, and running all behind it a sublime smooth pipe tobacco. Other’s, including GLV, have described it as a Rice Crispy, Oatmeal Cookie, Smores, Cinnamon Bun combination and I can definitely see it. With all these flavor profiles you’d think it’d be a hot mess, but it really works. The e-Juice was good straight out of the mail box, but after steeping for a few weeks, the tobacco flavor intensified, and in a very good way. It helped tie all the flavors together even better.

Additionally I found vaping Deadly Sin at a higher wattage brought out more of the ‘baked goodness’ flavor. My sweet spot was at 11.5 watts using an eGo-v V3 and a Kranger Protank 3. As I write this I’m direct dripping the juice and it is exceptionally enjoyable. This e-Juice has a higher VG ratio, and vapor production is excellent. Good Life Vapor’s Deadly Sin is almost as good as it gets, the best in class I’ve had to date. It is definitely an ADV (unlike most dessert juices I’ve tried), and is entering my daily rotation.

From Good Life Vapor’s website:

A sweet, bakery tobacco vape. A description will never do this one justice. It’s my all day vape. It’s become the only juice I vape. Some flavors are made for each other and blend perfectly. The throat hit is there, the flavor is outstanding, the blend is a 50/50 unlike the others in the line-up so the vapor is BIG! Will leave your surroundings smelling like fresh baked cookies and cakes! I have been told that this is very similar to a Crispy treat as well as Smores and Cinnamon Buns. Taste is subjective, but it is been decided that this juice is a winner!

Deadly Sin by Good Life Vapor, reviewed by vapeAdmin on 2014-03-03T02:34:41+00:00 rating 4.8 out of 5

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A Mac & PC guy who is continuously falling down the rabbit hole, while vaping with the Caterpillar & Mad Hatter.

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