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Hey, these are just my opinions, and those of any guest authors. I am not receiving any considerations for these reviews. All products, hardware, or e-Juices reviewed have been bought with my own hard-earned cash, or that of my guest authors and fiends. You should also know I’m not fond of menthol, anise, peppermint, or similar flavors. This will of course skew any reviews of e-Juice containing them (although you probably won’t find such a review from myself). I’ve spent 30 years smoking real cigarettes and have only recently switched to vaping, therefore I lean towards tobacco based flavors. Of course these are my idiosyncrasies and other authors here will have different views.

We here at VCR do not sell our opinions for any reason, and are fully committed to the quality of our content. If in the future we receive any sample products to review at no cost or at a discounted rate, it will be fully disclosed in the review.

Vaping in general

Electronic cigarettes are not proven to be safer than cigarettes, although in my own opinion burning and inhaling chemically enhanced raw tobacco with hundreds of ingredients (see American Lung Association article) has got to be better than vaping a liquid with only a handful of ingredients (see recent peer reviewed study by Drexel University School of Public Health).

Many of the chemicals in burning tobacco are toxic and/or carcinogenic. Tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia are all in regular cigarette smoke. The primary ingredients of e-Juice are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. PG and VG are not generally considered dangerous and the levels inhaled are far below occupational exposure limits.

We are not addressing the effects of nicotine because e-cig users are consuming it intentionally. Nicotine, when you are not burning it, while still addictive, is very low risk and has not been shown to cause any disease. However, like caffeine and other common indulgences, it may cause some tiny risk of heart attack and stroke, and so e-cig, along with other tobacco and nicotine therapy products (e.g patch, gum), are probably not risk-free.

In closing

Take all reviews on this site with a grain of salt. Keep Calm and Vape On. If you do not feel satisfied with any review or deal we might share, you may contact me directly via the contact form on this site.

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